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22 Snow Bunny Makeup Looks to Rock this Winter

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Along with the holiday season and all that snow, winter also brings with it a whole new array of makeup trends. Every year we witness a new set of winter makeup trends, and sometimes they decide to come back around. This year it’s all about the snow bunny vibes!

If you vividly remember the 90s, then you’ll very remember the glittery white lips and frosty blue eyeshadow days *shudders*. We had good intentions. Frosty makeup looks have always been on trend; it’s all about the execution. This winter, snow bunny makeup looks are here in a big way, and we’re here to show you how to rock it without looking like a 90s throwback.

Pale Lips

The snow bunny spectrum is a wide one. There’s no need to go all the way and end up looking more snowman than snow bunny! It’s all about lightening some areas rather than going full white.

For example, with your lips you can either go for a metallic cool toned lipstick or simply a very light nude. As long as your lips are a couple of shades lighter than your skin tone you will instantly look more snow bunny-esque!

If you are willing to experiment, we highly recommend going full metallic pale blue. This year has been all about the metallic lips, and what better way to go snow bunny then with a frosty cool toned lip.

Frosty The Glow-Man

We’re all well aware at this point that the trend of the year has been extreme highlighter. It is all about the blinding glow, and even more so with the snow bunny trend!

Frosty white highlighters are the quickest way to take your look from everyday to snow bunny. Packing on a silver/white highlighter on the high points of your face instantly gives you a frosty snow bunny vibe.

Cool Toned Shadow

When it comes to your eyes, it is all about the blues and silvers. Paired with your pale lip and frosty highlight, you can even get away with a more comfortable deep cool-toned shadow.

But, if you’re willing to go all the way then it is all about the pale shimmers! It’s time to finally bring back the light blue glitter eyeshadow, and we must admit we’re loving it!

Here are a few of our favorite snow bunny inspo looks for this season!


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