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22 Gorgeous Taylor Swift Hair Evolutions

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The beautiful Taylor Swift has been ruling the music scene for more than 10 years now. The singer is known for her amazing hair transformations, that she tends to do each time she drops a new album. Swift surprised everyone with the announcement of her new album “Reputation”. It will be released on November 10. Until then, you can enjoy her new block-busting song “Look What You Made Me Do”.


Taylor career sky-rocketed when she was only 17, starting out as a country-pop singer. What no one knew, is that she was on the way to become a pop icon. The young singer was recognizable for her long, blond, curly hairstyle when she first appeared on the scene.


But she didn’t keep that girlish look for a long time. Throughout the years Swift experimented with many hairstyles. In 2011 and 2012, Taylor flaunted a long hairstyle, in her signature golden blonde color. Those are also the years when she decided to do bangs.


In 2016 the singer debuted a short and chic platinum blonde bob. It is one of the most surprising changes in her hairstyle so far. Shortly after that, she went back to her naturally curly hair in a honey blonde color.


Taylor looks absolutely amazing on her album cover for “Reputation”. This time, the singer went with a very natural look, letting her curls do all the work. Here are some of the most beautiful Taylor Swift hair evolutions to honor her sixth studio album.



22 Gorgeous Taylor Swift Hair Evolutions long curls blonde

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