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SEXY Stylish Hollywood Men to Inspire Your Plus One

Who are the SEXY Hollywood men YOU DREAM about?

Hollywood stars are the perfect people for inspiration. Ladies look up to celebrities and steal some of their styling tricks. But that doesn’t mean men can’t look to popular actors and copy their looks. There are literally too many SEXY Hollywood men that it’s hard to believe.

Brad Pitt has been announced as the sexiest man on earth. As he gets older, he looks even better. Brad already perfected his casual style that involves a lot of chic jeans, simple tees and cool jackets. Aside from being the best dressed on many red carpet events, Brad rocks amazing outfits even for a trip to the airport. On one occasion, the popular actor chose a pair of dark denim jeans and a simple white shirt. His casual, relaxed outfits can look really cool.

Justin Timberlake is another sexy, fashionable man that deserves your attention. He is known for his unique style ever since the beginning of his career. He knows how to wear dapper suits for special occasions, but also loves a good pair of jeans. He is very good at involving a little elegance in his chic looks.

Drake recently scored the top place on the best-dressed male’s list. This singer and producer mostly enjoys relaxed outfits in which he feels comfortable. It seems that the bomber jacket is his favorite garment since he rocks it anytime he can. Drake usually matches it with a simple tee and jeans. He is also a huge fan of sneakers; he owns so many different styles that it’s hard to keep track. When he attends special events, his red carpet style is more than fashionable. The singer opts for elegant suits, but always stays on the safe side when it comes to colors. He obviously doesn’t want to experiment too much since most of his tuxedos are either black or navy.

Take a look at these sexy, stylish Hollywood men and steal some of their best tricks. You can even share them with your plus one and inspire him to follow some of the latest trends. These men are fashion icons, and everything they do or wear becomes huge. If your man needs a little push or extra ideas, you are at the right place. Starting from icons such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Pharrell Williams, to new faces such as Harry Styles, Hollywood is the best place for new ideas.

Justin Timberlake

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