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21 Embellished Shoes You Should Add to Your Closet

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Whenever you are in the need of a statement piece in your look, this is where great shoes step in to save the day. There is no better way to accessorize an outfit than with a killer pair of shoes. And according to high-end fashion designers, this year will be all about amazing, embellished shoes.

Starting with the winter days and chic ankle boots, spring and cool decorated flats, or summer and satin bejeweled sandals, they can easily become a part of your everyday life. Embellished shoes are really an item that you can’t pass up!

Embellished sandals and stilettos are ideal for special occasions. Whether you pair them with a little black dress or a sparkling sequined ensemble, they will be the masterpiece in the room. Ladies always have a hard time putting together an outfit for a wedding, gala, or a party; but with these shoes, your event outfits will become much easier. Just let them do all the talking.

And the shopping options are very diverse! You can find a pair with the most affordable retailers, but still be more than happy with the choice. There are many chic styles out there, many for under $100 And for the ladies that prefer high-end fashion, there are always the expensive designs that are another way to go. These shoes will surely be an investment worth making.

Check out the gorgeous embellished shoes below you can include in each of your looks. Always opt for the most eye-catching styles, no matter the occasion. There is no need to keep it low-key when you can go all the way in. Maximalist looks are already trending, so we are here to follow all the fashion trends.

Faux Pearl & Fringe Detail Square Toe Flats

21 Embellished Shoes You Should Add to Your Closet black embellished flats with pearls

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