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2017’s Top Beauty Trends and the Ones We Hope Fade Away

It’s felt like a long year for beauty. 2017 has probably been the busiest this decade; from the hundreds of weekly product releases and countless new brands, to the tiringly endless beauty trends, the news never ends.

Instagram has been right at the center of the many beauty trends that 2017 witnessed. It has undoubtedly been the year of sped up Instagram beauty videos featuring new trends that often spiral out of control. Once one pops up, suddenly everyone is doing it. Ah, the peer pressure of the beauty internet-verse. Some were great trends we hope stick around, and some should have never happened! We’re here to break down our top favorite trends of the year and a few we hope stay in the Instagram archives.

Holographic Everything: YAY


IG @hudabeauty

Ah, how could we forget the endless unicorn-themed makeup trends that came out this past year. For some reason, the mystical creature managed to inspire countless brands and beauty trends. 2017 was all about holographics.


IG @snitchery

We’re talking holographic nail polishes, highlighters, and even lipsticks! Everything this year seemed to be opalescent and catch shifts of light. Honestly, we loved every second of it. Holographic beauty trends just managed to give every look a unique effect that caught the light beautifully. Holographic highlighters have to be our fave!

Wavy Brows: NAY


IG @rimmellondonfrance

Well, any strange brow trend really! What was it about 2017 that inspired people to get real freaky with their eyebrows? No, no, no. Someone bring back the age of the perfectly sculpted bold brow!


IG @milanicosmetics

Brushing your brows into a wavy line of separating them at the center to create a feathered effect just seems ridiculous. Not only did these eyebrow beauty trends make little to no sense, but they did nothing in terms of flattery! Wavy eyebrows don’t frame your face nicely, rather they leave you looking quite clown-like- and we’re not here for it!


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