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2017’s Color of the Year Just Might Save the World

It’s both pleasing to the eye and pleasing to the world we live in: it’s Greenery – Pantone Color Institute’s new color of the year. But, what is it, really? Why does it matter? How could it save the world?


Pantone Greenery Butter London Nail polish NYX lipstick

The Shade

Never has there ever been a more revitalizing color to lay eyes on, truly. Greenery is fresh, full of zest and life, and evokes the same emotion that one experiences at that first peak of Springtime green. Springtime… when nature comes back to life after a dull, dreary, lifeless winter. There’s inevitably a sense of progression, of a renewing that takes place and washes over your heart and your soul when you see it. The color itself is known as nature’s neutral; it’s a backdrop that comes to life at the same time every year for much of the natural world. It’s a beautiful shade that’s been ever-present, ever-beautiful, and under-recognized, until now. Pantone has taken that very color that you’ve come to recognize, know and love every spring, and they’ve lifted it right out of the background; they’ve made it a color to be celebrated.


A Greater Meaning

Let’s recognize every level of genius, here: aesthetic beauty is obvious, but there are also strong undertones of peace and progress on every level with this new color. Just as the Springtime brings new natural life, Pantone recognizes the benefit of naming the color and extracting the opportunity to reach for progress in an age that’s become convoluted with political and social tumult. This color – this opportunity to reach for a new vitality – satisfies the progressive’s desire to bring union, peace, and purpose to a world that’s missing so much of it.


They Want It

Perhaps the most beautiful part, is that people want it. People want that shade, and people want what it represents. Purely on an aesthetic level, it’s everywhere. The further people drift from the natural world – into cities, careers, technological and political progress – the greater the craving for this particular hue, and the natural life it represents. The color is revitalizing to a tired world, and that appeals even visually. Go beyond the color, though, as you examine what else people want even in their heart of hearts: vitality. Resilience. Purpose. In the hubbub of the day-to-day, it’s not all lost, and this color reminds us of that.


In our opinion? Pantone’s color of 2017 is worth of some fresh paint in your home, because it’s naturally stunning, but also because it’ll serve as a daily reminder of what you should be striving for.




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photo by Evita Ochel





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