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2017 is All About Fresh Makeup

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2017 is here and while it might not be bringing everything you want, there’s no reason you can’t top up on makeup. Let’s be honest, it’s a new year, it should be a new you, so why not bring out the fresh makeup? We’ve put together a few outstanding examples that you can use to bring some new color to your makeup bag and be a smash hit whether you’re going out on the town, into work, or just lounging around the house. We can give you the tools and you can use them to bring yourself to the next level.


Velvettmatte Liquid Lipstick

Everything leading up to 2017 has been shiny. Seriously, gloss everywhere, and sure, gloss might still have its place here and there, but matte is in, and it’s never looked better. Vevettmatte is dessert inspired and features 24 different colors for you to feast your eyes on. It’s only $14, so don’t pass it up!


Fresh Makeup LA Splash Velvettmatte Liquid Lipstick




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