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20 Ways to Use Chia Seeds to Give Your Meals a Protein Boost

Everyone has heard about the chia pudding or chia smoothie. The thing is that there are many other fun ways to add chia seeds to your food to really boost your protein intake. All you need is a little creativity!

Chia seeds are considered a superfood. These seeds are not only rich in protein, but also in fiber, healthy fatty acids, and minerals. You can buy them at any supermarket for cents on the dollar. They will also keep you full for hours, which is one of their biggest benefits. You will feel much more energetic and this superfood will become a regular part of your diet.

The most popular and versatile recipe with these seeds is the chia pudding. You can soak them in any type of milk and add whatever fruit you like. It will look and taste delicious. All you have to do is let the seeds soak for a little while and your pudding is ready. If you love smoothies, you can always add chia seeds to the ingredients list and it won’t affect the texture.

All of your homemade desserts and snacks will be much better with chia seeds. One of the best ways that you can include chia in your snacks is to make seedy oat crackers. This way you will mix several other seeds and get the healthiest snack ever! Vegan lemon cookies with chia is another thing that you can make and surprise your guests. For those who have a sweet tooth, the options are endless; chia seed pancakes, jam, and muffins, are just a few of the things that are very popular and delicious.

Here are some amazing recipes that will help you include chia seeds in many fun meals. Starting from super-healthy pancakes to cookies and muffins, you will really enjoy cooking with this superfood.

Fruit, Nut and Chia Energy Balls

21 Ways to Use Chia Seeds to Give Your Meals a Protein Boost Fruit, Nut and Chia Energy Balls

Photo Credit: The Healthy Maven

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