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19 Pieces of Activewear That Will Keep You Warm

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Working out in the cold weather can very unpleasant, especially if you don’t have the right type of activewear. Many women can be discouraged by the low temperatures outside and start skipping workout sessions. For the days when indoor yoga and pilates just won’t cut it, you will have to brave the cold weather and dress appropriately.

Cold weather can be especially hard for all the ladies that love outdoor running. This is when things can get very tricky. If you invest in quality sneakers, layers, and jackets you shouldn’t have any problems.

Layering is the first and most important thing about working out in winter. You want to put on all the necessary clothing items, plus something extra to keep you warm. Gloves and a hat are two of the essential activewear pieces you’ll need. If your hands are cold, your mind will be set on that throughout the whole workout session.

When you choose a jacket, you want to make sure it’s durable and lightweight. If it’s water and wind-resistant, that’s a huge plus. Underneath the jacket, you should layer one to two long-sleeve shirts, depending on how cold your workout route will be. If you feel like you need extra layers, you can always add a hoodie or a vest. During the workout, you can easily take off one of the pieces if it gets too warm.

There are a lot of accessories that will help you out. If wearing a hat is not your favorite thing, then you should at least settle for a head warmer. Once you put your hair up, your ears will be freezing, so you can protect them with an ear band. When it comes to feet, you have to invest in a pair of quality running shoes made for this weather. There are many types of warm socks, leg warmers, and high socks you can layer inside your weather-proof shoes.

Check out these warm activewear pieces that will help you stay warm during winter workout sessions. If your muscles are too cold, you’re more prone to injury! With still a month left of winter, and colder temperatures still to come in March, there are still plenty of weeks you’ll be experiencing colder temperatures.


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21 Pieces of Activewear That Will Keep You Warm in the Winter pullover

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