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19 Items to Showcase Your Logomania

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If you haven’t heard of the term “logomania” until now, now’s the time to pay attention. What was once popular in the 90s is back again. This time, it’s not the grunge look or dark lipstick; instead it’s a brand’s ultimate marketing technique of slapping their name all over their clothing items.

This trend first returned in 2017 and ruled the runway. Even the brands which have never included a single logo in their designs became obsessed with it.Whenever you see street style photos from your favorite blogger, you will find at least one piece that has the brand’s name plastered all over it. To some, it might sound like something they will never wear. But for the real fashionistas, this is another chance to show appreciation for their favorite brands.

Bags are definitely the easiest item to integrate your love of logomania, but don’t be shy to display a brand name on your top or even your shoes!

Gucci GG-jacquard cotton cardigan

21 Brands to Showcase Your Logomania sweater

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