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Are There 12 or 13 Zodiac Signs?!

Is There a 13th Zodiac Sign, Or Not?

As you may have heard recently, a new star sign was ‘discovered’. This means that the zodiac calendar has shifted to accommodate it, meaning that your zodiac sign may well have changed. Is this true? Well, it depends on who you’re listening to and how you perceive the influence of these celestial bodies.


NASA’s Announcement

The panic over a new zodiac sign started, of all places, on NASA’s children’s website. The article was explaining how the zodiac was created.

As they put it, the ancient Babylonians, over 3000 years ago, created the zodiac by dividing the zodiac into 12 ‘slices’, to suit their calendar year. Each ‘slice’ was designed to line up with a constellation, which is where all the zodiac signs get their names. Since there was a 13th constellation that didn’t fit in, they chose to leave it out. This constellation is Ophiuchus, and that’s what a lot of media sites are reporting is the 13th zodiac sign.


What Is Ophiuchus?

Ophiuchus (pronounced oh-fee-you-cuss) is a constellation that contains Barnard’s star, the second star closest to Earth. The name is Latin for ‘serpent-bearer’ and is meant to represent people born between November 30th and December 17th.


Has Your Zodiac Sign Really Changed?

In a word, no. There was a lot of panic when this news came out, as people believed that their star sign would change to accommodate the new one in the zodiac. To most people though, that sounded ludicrous. Of course your personality wasn’t going to change, based on the fact your star sign might.

NASA themselves came forward and explained that they were just ‘doing the math’ and showing how the zodiac had been created. The Babylonians made each section equal during the year, but in fact there’s a lot of overlap and uneven sections that we don’t see thanks to their design.


So, Are There 12 Or 13 Zodiac Signs?

At present, there are only 12 zodiac signs, and it will stay that way. That’s because the zodiac is based on the seasons, not the constellations. Modern day astrologers have devised ways of measuring the year using stones to track the sun’s movement, meaning that the dates stay the same no matter what.


It’s worth remembering that Ophiuchus is a constellation, rather than an actual star sign. Its position in the sky will have changed over the three millennia since the zodiac was created. Very small differences in the Earth’s rotation will have changed where it appears in our night sky. That’s why the modern zodiac is based on a more stable interpretation of the stars.


zodiac signs chart


So, it’s agreed that there are still only 12 zodiac signs. You haven’t suddenly become a Taurus or an Aquarius without noticing. Your personality will not, and has not changed. What has happened is that the way the zodiac was created has been explained more fully by NASA. So, don’t worry about your zodiac sign! You’re still the same sign you always were.





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