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10 Steps to Mastering the Korean Skincare Regimen

Throughout the world, Asian woman have been celebrated for their beautiful skin. One country, in particular, where women’s skin is most idealized is Korea. Here in the United States, our skincare regimen usually consists of a few steps that we do each morning and night. These can include cleansing, exfoliating, toning, moisturizing, and applying SPF, among others. But did you know that in Korea there is a ten-step beauty regimen that women follow? Is this the secret to beautiful and ageless skin?

Firstly, Koreans believe in starting early in regards to a skincare regimen. They don’t want to purchase an overly expensive cream or lotion that will reverse any skin damage. Rather, they want to prevent anything from happening in the first place! This is how our Western mentality regarding skincare differs than in Asia. Korean mothers teach their children about skincare at an early age and they stick to this regimen throughout their lives. Perhaps this is why you can see an Asian woman who looks decades younger than her real age?

Here are the basic steps included in a daily Korean skincare regimen. It may seem like a lot, but isn’t your skin worth it? After all, you deserve a bit of pampering and taking good care of your skin will help you look your best longer. No one can stop aging completely, but a good skincare regimen can certainly help.



Eye Makeup Removal

Remove all traces of eye makeup first. Use a good makeup remover to do this so no mascara, eye liner, eye shadow, or lash glue is left remaining on your eyes. While you might be satisfied with removing “most” of your makeup, note that old mascara can break eyelashes and residual makeup in your pores can clog them over time.


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