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10 Gifts to Buy for the Girly Fashionista in Your Life

Glamour girls can be really hard to gift. Either they already have all of the products that they want, as they go after it immiediately, or they are really picky with their choices. Well, we have a great list for you all that can easily cover all kinds of fashionistas in your life. Whether they’re 14 or 34, love non-toxic beauty or fashionable accessories, we got you covered.



1Face is a collection of colored watches that are each associated with a metric and a cause. 1Face supports nine causes: cancer, hunger, breast cancer, clean water, disaster relief, environment, AIDS, education, and animal rights, and have partnered with different charities to bring global change. Each cause has a specific metric that tells you exactly what your purchase impacts. From building wells to providing a year of education, 1Face is committed to bringing about change, worldwide. The 1Face model shows how one person can change the world. This gift will not only be fashionable, for both sexes, but will donate to one of their favorite causes, making this an incredibly thoughtful gift!




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