10 Best Things to Come Out of Canada

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Many Americans forget to consider Canada as a bucket list destination, but there’s no reason to exclude our beloved neighbor to the north. From the amazing food and culture to the endless national parks and sports teams, Canada should be bumped up to the top of your bucket list ASAP as it’s definitely a nation worth exploring. Here’s our favorite reasons why you should book your next getaway to Canada.


  1.  Supermodels

Did you know that supermodels Linda Evangelista, Ashley Diana Morris, and Coco Rocha all hail from Canada? That’s right, nature isn’t the only thing beautiful in this gorgeous country!


Canada Supermodels Linda Evangelist, Coco Rocha Ashley Diana Morris

Linda Evangelist, Coco Rocha, & Ashley Diana Morris



*main photo by Harry Sandhu via Unsplash

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